The Money-Saving Benefits of Refinancing your VA Loan

Take a moment to picture this scenario:

You have a VA loan that you would love to refinance. The mortgage payments are becoming too much for you and your family to handle, and your number one priority is to save money right now. Your bank account is beginning to run low and you can only put in so many more hours at work. So, you call up the local representatives at Mortgage Investors Corp, and guess what they tell you? They instantly calm your nerves by explaining that their home refinance program is the easiest to qualify for and one of the most successful one available in their industry.

They further explain that their company has been in business for over 75 years, and they have successfully refinanced more than 350,000 veteran loans.  In addition, they have funded  30 billion dollars in mortgage refinancing to an immensely happy group of veterans in the last 15 years alone. Does this sound like a dream come true? Well, this dream can be your reality if you too decide to reach out to MIC.

Located in St. Petersburg, Florida and active in 24 states across America, MIC has an excellent track record for turning eager leads into satisfied, money saving customers. They thrive on lowering their clients’ monthly mortgage payments with a lower interest rate, along with providing several cost-friendly benefits.

-No home appraisal, so it really doesn’t matter how much your home is currently worth.

-No need to stress over an income verification, because MIC does not require this to qualify!

-What do you currently owe and what is your debt ratio? Who cares! MIC doesn’t.

No other lender can help you lower your interest rates as quickly and efficiently as Mortgage Investors Corp. If you are in the position where adding more dollars to your bank account rather than toward your mortgage is a necessity, then MIC is your answer. Call them today to find out how you too can become one of their incredibly happy customers. But don’t wait too long. Their interest rates are currently very low, so act now! Time is of the essence when it comes to your bottom line.